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Four Ways DevOps Strengthens Teams

DevOps, when done right, can have a positive impact on the morale of your team, from developers to project managers to stakeholders. It leads to stronger bonds and smoother teamwork.

What to Do With Your Drupal 7 Website

Drupal 7 lives, but it lives only to die another day. So are you going to stay on Drupal 7? The answer, at some point, will need to be a resounding “no.”

Add a Composer Script to Your Module or Theme

Composer scripts can do almost anything you want, from running tests to creating some scaffolding for a project. Here is how to add one to your Drupal project.

Improving Team Efficiency with Architecture Decision Records

As an agency with many project-based teams, we believed that we could more efficiently and effectively share knowledge, best practices, and good decisions across teams.

Content Strategy, One Small Step at a Time

When overhauling the whole site is not feasible, a small-step content strategy might be your best solution.

Shifting Left: How DevOps Strengthens Teams and Saves Money

When you “shift left,” you find problems earlier. Powered by a good DevOps setup, shifting left can save your organization money and improve team morale.

Lullabot is an ESOP: One Year Retro

On January 1st, 2021, Lullabot became an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) company. Now that one year has passed, we wanted to share the progress.

Writing Better Alt Text

Good alt text is foundational for good web accessibility. To write good alt text, you need to have good guidelines in place coupled with proper training.

User Research: Don’t Ignore Your Internal Users

User research is used to help identify your target audience, but beyond that, it can also help you prioritize your target audience. But what about internal users?

Drupal's Bundle Classes Empower Better Code

A highlight of the new features enabled by the recent commit to Drupal core and a comparison with the contributed Typed Entity module.

All Carrot, No Stick: Maintaining Consistent Web Standards in a Decentralized Organization

How to identify and overcome the challenges of decentralized organizations when you have no authority to enforce web solutions, and how to do it in a way that makes everyone happy.

Archipelagos: Decentralized Organizations and Their Challenges

Is your organization an archipelago? We borrow the word to refer to an organization that is made up of many subsidiaries under a central governing authority.

Higher Ed: Investing in Technology is Not Enough

This webinar will highlight some of the problems universities run into when they focus solely on technology, and present ways to help mitigate those problems.

How We Compare: Leaderboards and Related Comparison Metrics in the Drupal Community

This article focuses on three attempts to compare people (and organizations) in the Drupal community.

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The End of the Road for Drupal 8, Many More Drupal 9 Beginnings

It might feel like it's brand new, but Drupal 8 will reach its end-of-life on November 2, 2021. But what should you be doing about that now?

How to Plan a Successful Design Handoff

DesignOps depends on a healthy workflow between designers and developers. How they work together cannot be an afterthought. It is one of the foundational requirements for a successful web project.