Chris DeLuca

Senior Front-End Developer
Tarrytown, NY
Chris DeLuca headshot

Chris’ Expertise

  • JavaScript
  • Design Systems
  • Drupal
  • PHP
  • Accessibility

Chris is a senior front-end developer who has been developing websites for Drupal since 2010. He started his career in mobile and web games, then quickly transitioned into building complex Drupal sites for large media and healthcare brands, including developing Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Design System, which powers their flagship site,

When called on to solve challenging architectural problems, Chris thrives when working on complex CSS layouts, advanced JavaScript behaviors, custom Drupal theme development, root-cause analysis, and beyond. Thoughtful and meticulous, Chris is a voracious learner with a passion for leveraging the power of the open web.

Chris lives in Tarrytown, NY, with his wife and three cats. In his spare time, he performs improv comedy, writes silly books, and runs a podcast network.

Drupal Contributions:

Did you know?

Chris has somewhere north of 40 first cousins. He only recently discovered that “quiet” wasn’t a myth.

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