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Lullabot is one of the top open source, interactive agencies in the world. We employ talented developers, designers, project managers, trainers, unicyclers and more to make amazing websites, mobile apps and all manner of delightful tech.

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Culture & Values

Lullabot is intentional and always working to sustain and strengthen it’s culture and values. Go check out our who we are page to learn more about what makes Lullabot special.

Virtually Amazing

Lullabot is an innovative and trend-setting company that is literally writing the book on how to create and operate a successful, dynamic and happy distributed company. You might be wondering what working for a distributed company means and how that would impact your day to day work experience. We’ve whipped up a working from a distributed company page to help demystify things for you.

Additionally, you may be interested in the following articles that explore what it means to be part of a distributed team. In How Working From Home Works for Us, Lullabot's HR guru Esther Lee talks to several Lullabots about how being a distributed company looks on a day-to-day basis. In Yahoo, Best Buy, and Telecommuting: Advice From A Distributed Company, Jeff Robbins takes on some of the recent criticism of distributed companies that arose from Marissa Mayer's decision at Yahoo to eliminate "remote" workers.

Outstanding Benefits

Not only will Lullabot provide amazing projects and a fun working culture and environment, but we also provide a fantastic benefits package to our employees. We take good care of the ‘bots.

Job openings

Below is a listing of the current positions we're looking to fill. Check it out and see if you fit the bill for any of our openings.