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Our Story

Lullabot was founded in 2006 by Matt Westgate and Jeff Robbins with the initial goal of helping great organizations do big projects with Drupal. More than a decade later, we've accomplished that and so much more. Below is the fuller story of our history.

Jeff Robbins and Matt Westgate met during the early stages of Drupal in 2005. Matt was a Drupal core developer who wrote and maintained the then-popular e-commerce package. Jeff Robbins had landed a big client project with an e-commerce component and reached out to Matt for consulting advice. Over the next 6 months, they developed their professional relationship as Matt helped Jeff with his site.

When Adaptive Path approached Jeff to build a large-scale project for Participant Films, Jeff once again brought Matt into the project and Drupal rose to the occasion. It was then they decided to start a company and help bring the platform to the world.

In 2006, the pair started Lullabot to help bring Drupal to the world. With Matt’s background in computer science and Zen meditation and Jeff’s as a musician, the soothing sounds of a “lullaby” paired with the technical coolness of a “robot” laid the foundation for the company name. Lullabot creates an effortless blend of organic and inorganic elements that convey the importance of being human in business.

During the first year, Lullabot started the first Drupal podcast, taught the first Drupal workshops, and Matt co-wrote the first Drupal book, Pro Drupal Development, which became required reading for aspiring Drupal developers. Lullabot built some of the first household-name Drupal sites and was pivotal in the platform’s wide-spread adoption. Since then, the company has gone on to create some of the largest and most well-known digital experiences using Drupal and other modern technologies such as JavaScript.

Our Values

Our values aren’t a marketing tool, they define what makes us who we are. They inform the work we do and how we go about doing it, and we work hard to live up to them. Read more about our mission and values.

Inspire and Empower
Be Human
Graphic with the words Own It and an arrow hitting the bullseye in the O of Own.
Invent and Innovate
Collaborate Openly
Have Fun

In my career, I’ve worked with many tech vendors and Lullabot is top-tier in terms of being masters of their craft as well as customer care. They’re a pleasure to work with and they’ve earned my trust.

Bill Higgins
Distinguished Engineer at IBM

Industry Experts

Our team is full of field-leading experts and sought-after speakers on content strategy, design, and development. When it comes to Drupal, we literally wrote the books on it!

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