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# 23
Dori Kelner on Workplace Mindfulness Programs

Matthew Tift talks with Dori Kelner, a mindfulness teacher, yoga teacher, and a long-time member of the Drupal community about evidence-based workplace mindfulness programs

Progressive Decoupling in Drupal (and Beyond)

Learn the key benefits of progressive decoupling, why IBM prioritizes it, and the open-source tools you can use to get started today.

# 22
Nicole Lovald on Yoga, Meditation, Therapy, and Mental Health

Matthew Tift talks with Nicole Lovald about the differences between therapy and contemplative practices, such as yoga and meditation.

The Dangers of Inline Editing Structured Content

When using content moderation and revisions with structured content, there are some dangers involved that you should be aware of.

The Basics of Drupal Revisions and Content Moderation

Learn the basics of how Drupal handles revisions and content moderation.

# 21
Angie Byron on Cultivating Well-Being in Tech Communities

Matthew Tift talks with Angie Byron about preventing burnout, community wellness checks, and other issues related to cultivating well-being in open-source communities, including Drupal

Making the Most of Display Modes In Drupal

Using display modes properly can provide benefits throughout your entire development stack. Here's how to use them with some guidelines and recommendations.

# 20
Stephanie Wagner on Cultivating Healthy Minds at Work

Matthew Tift talks with Stephanie Wagner about Healthy Minds Innovations, their Health Minds @Work program, and "hacking the mind."

Paper Prototyping for Websites and Digital Products

Why we advocate for paper prototypes for websites and digital products, and how to get high value from low fidelity.

# 257
The New Olivero Theme – Awesome to the Core

A group of Lullabots (and Former 'bot and podcast co-host Mike Herchel) get together to discuss the new Default theme in Drupal 9 and 10 that they helped build.

How to Make Changes to kube-apiserver

kube-apiserver might not restart after making changes to it. Here are some tips on how to monitor the process and fix it.

Component Libraries in Drupal

An introduction to the Component Libraries suite of modules and Storybook.js.

Content Strategy: Small Steps for Big Improvements

How to use a small-step content strategy to realize big improvements.

# 256
Small Team Skills -- Putting in the Work on a Drupal 7 Upgrade

Host Matt Kleve talks with Nevin Katz who is an experienced Drupal developer on a small team who recently went through the process of upgrading an old D7 site to D9.

The Present and Future of Drupal’s Administrative Interface

An overview of the new Drupal administration UI and what's next for the Claro theme.