Javier Reartes

Front-end Developer

Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina

When he was 11 years old, Javier found a BASIC manual. He’s been interested in computer programming ever since. His interest eventually led him to study the topic at Universidad Tecnologica Nacional.

Javier is a front-end developer, though his experience includes many years of back-end development. He has helped develop websites for large media companies, universities, e-commerce organizations, large NGOs, and many others. He’s been involved with Drupal since 2007, developing solutions and speaking at events all over Latin America.

Prior to joining Lullabot, he developed a multilingual discount coupon platform (back-end and front-end) using Drupal, including e-commerce payments with support for different countries and cities. He also maintained the platform and infrastructure for a point-and-click self-service website creation tool based on Drupal which had around 2000 sites.

Javier lives in Argentina and when he isn’t coding, he likes spending time with his wife and two kids and going outdoors.