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# 254
Real Talk: Hiring People to Fill Drupal Roles

Mike and Matt are joined by Lullabots Cathy Theys, Greg Dunlap, Cristina Chumillas, and Albert Hughes to talk about hiring people into different Drupal roles.

Understanding & Debugging Stacking Contexts (and the Z-Index)

How to use your browser's devtools to understand and debug "stacking contexts" and the z-index.

Improve the Editorial Experience with Type Tray and Page Templates

An overview of the Type Tray and the Page Templates modules, which can be used to make your editors happier when creating content in Drupal.

Progressive Decoupling Made Easy

With progressive decoupling, you can get some of the benefits of decoupling while avoiding some of the downsides. 

What if You Don’t Upgrade from Drupal 8?

Drupal 8’s EOL (end of life) happened on November 2, 2021. What does this mean?

Identifying Your Root Design & Strategy Problems

Building a great website is more than just good colors and photography. And fixing the design alone doesn’t make for a good website.

How Light Keyword Research Can Fill Some Blanks

Keyword research has become part of any healthy content strategy.

Improve Your Users' Experience with Quicklink 2.0

Quicklink is an open-source JavaScript library created by Google that can dramatically speed up your site’s perceived page speed.

How to Plan Your Drupal 7 Migration

Despite the uniqueness of each migration, there are some commonalities. You can take steps to ensure your migration will be a success, no matter how complex or simple.

Understanding Create Once Publish Everywhere (COPE)

COPE is structured content. Rather than creating content multiple times across multiple pages, you instead create it and manage it in one place, whether you’re publishing it for the first time or the

A Case Study: Structured Content and Flexible Layouts

Lullabot helped develop a new landing page design tool that gave state agencies the power to customize their home pages, landing pages, and programs without breaking the mobile-friendly re

Speed up Drupal’s Front-end with WebP Images

WebP is a new(ish) image format that renders higher-quality images with drastically smaller file sizes and it can help you save millions of bytes per page load.

A Plan for Upgrading from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9

The Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 upgrade is simple, but it involves more than just flipping a switch. Here is a roadmap to help you out.

Write Better Code with Typed Entity

How to write more maintainable code in Drupal by using Typed Entity.

User-Centered Design Systems: the What, Why, and How

If you're considering investing in a design system or are in the planning process, but aren't sure where to start, this webinar is for you.

How to Measure the Maturity of Your Content Strategy

When it comes to content strategy, you should know how your organization is currently practicing content strategy. How do you measure this?