Community-Powered Web Standards: Organized Excellence in Design

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Join us as we sit down with Joyce Peralta from McGill University to explore their world of "Web Standards."

We'll discuss how McGill's strategy for maintaining its impressive roster of 1,500 websites has grown to influence more than just the structure of the sites. These digital standards, developed, enforced, and cultivated by their web community, have become a cornerstone of the university’s technology framework.

Together, we’ll unpack the 9 standards that are fundamental to McGill University's web success and explore how they have significantly transformed its digital landscape, and how you might be able to do something similar in your organization.

Episode Guests

Joyce Peralta

Headshot Photo Of Joyce Peralta

Joyce has been building websites and digital communities for 20 years, including 15 years of experience in post-secondary education. For the past five years, she has worked at McGill University, holding positions in Communications and External Relations and IT Services. Joyce has presented at conferences across North America, including DrupalCon, Confoo, HighEdWeb, #PSEWEB and SEMM Forum about web standards, governance and user experience.