Matt Kleve

Senior Developer

Holyoke, CO

Matt is a senior developer at Lullabot who enjoys working with Drupal performance and scalability.

Before Lullabot, Matt worked for the Alumni Association of the Air Force Academy, managing the web/IT team. It was there that he started using Drupal in 2007. He quickly became the resident Drupal expert, leveraging Drupal to integrate various parts of their data/technology.

Since then, he has helped the states of Iowa and Georgia roll out modernized Drupal platforms. His work for the American Booksellers Association powers e-commerce websites and event management for independent bookstores around the country. He even helped NBC win an Emmy award (Outstanding Interactive Program - 2014 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Digital Experience) after he developed critical functionality for a decoupled Drupal application.

Matt lives in Holyoke, CO, where he helps run the family farm with his wife, Charlee, and their two boys. His other marketable skills include driving a tractor, fixing a fence, raising pigs, and welding!