Web Accessibility Q&A: Overcoming Excuses and Misconceptions

Accessibility, or the lack thereof, impacts real people every day. The web has made life easier for all sorts of users, but it didn’t get there overnight, and there is still a lot of work to do.

On Global Accessibility Awareness Day, DubBot and Accessibility Specialist Tyler Melone, who is visually impaired, joined us for a live Q&A to discuss common issues and excuses and how accessibility affects your bottom line. We also talked about things you can start doing today to make sure all of your visitors feel welcome.

Webinar Presenters

Kat Shaw

Kat Shaw wearing glasses and a cranberry red shirt

Kat is a CPACC-certified Lead Engineer at Lullabot who is a passionate advocate for digital accessibility.

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Maggie Vaughan

Maggie Vaughan headshot

Maggie is a Content Marketing Practitioner at DubBot and IAAP Certified in Accessibility Core Competencies.

Tyler Melone

Tyler Melone headshot. Tyler has dark hair and brown eyes. He has a beard and is wearing a dark gray sports jacket with dark gray tie and white shirt.

Tyler is a passionate advocate for accessibility specializing in WCAG-compliant web design and product development.

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