Kat Shaw

Lead Engineer

Perry, Kansas

Kat is a Lead Engineer and CPACC-certified Web Accessibility Specialist who has continued her work as an advocate of digital accessibility with her team at Lullabot. She started her career at Lullabot in 2019 as a Senior Front-end Developer, and was promoted to Lead Engineer in 2023. She’s been working in web development since 1999, and developing and maintaining Drupal sites since 2012, with a focus on auditing and remediating accessibility issues, including in Drupal. Kat also enjoys consulting and sharing her knowledge on accessibility with clients and the Lullabot team.

Kat has worked on several accessibility projects including performing internal client accessibility audits, assisting with accessibility testing for the Olivero and Claro themes, coordinating testing for Olivero with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB), accessibility testing for the Drupal Toolbar Redesign, and contributing to the Drupal.org Frontend initiative (Olivero and Claro).

Kat is also a member of A11yTalks, a virtual meet-up group featuring speakers and conversations around digital accessibility. She currently fulfills the role of Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator with A11yTalks.

Prior to her work in accessibility, Kat has won the Digital Government Achievement Award and honorable mentions for her work developing apps for government agencies. She served as Secretary for the KC Metro Area Government Webmasters group for most of her decade-plus membership, and has volunteered at and attended several National Association of Government Web Professionals (NAGW) conferences.

As someone who loves peace and quiet, Kat happily lives in the countryside overlooking beautiful Perry Lake. She loves her close-knit family, consisting of her husband, three kids, a dog, and a cat, and she cherishes the small community she calls home. As an Air Force brat who moved a lot during her childhood, Kat has lived in Texas, Florida, New Mexico, Japan, Maine, and Kansas. She’s also lived in Missouri (Kansas City) and Northern California. Japan was her favorite hands-down; Kat thinks it’s a beautiful place.

When she’s not doing awesome accessibility-focused Drupal development, Kat enjoys hanging out with her family, music, movies (especially 70s and 80s movies), sports, comedy, and sleep. Kat is a huge KC Chiefs and KU Jayhawks fan.

Did you know?

Kat got to live in Tokyo when she first lived in Japan while waiting for base housing. Everything was smaller, and there was a cute little candy store down the street that sold chocolate cotton candy. Japan is also the place where Kat had her first chance to eat coffee ice cream.