Back to the Stage with Drupal GovCon

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It’s back and more exciting than ever! We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated return of Drupal GovCon, the third biggest Drupal Conference in the world! This notable event is returning to the Washington DC area on November 1 & 2, marking a lively return to in-person Drupal camps.

Join host Matt Kleve as he engages in insightful discussions with accomplished organizers Nina Ogor and Christoph Weber, unveiling the plans and expectations for the upcoming conference.

Episode Guests

Nina Ogor

Nina Ogor Headshot Photo

Nina is a Digital Project Manager at Digital Polygon and the Drupal4Gov Operations Director. She's been involved with organizing and planning GovCon from the beginning.

Christoph Weber

Christoph Weber Headshot Photo

Christoph is a Solutions Architect with Pronovix, and the Communications Strategy Directory with Drupal4Gov. He's been involved in the Drupal Community for over 15 years, and is helping organize Drupal GovCon from the West Coast.

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