Juampy NR

Senior Developer
Juampy's Expertise
  • Drupal
  • Drush
  • JavaScript
  • Writing
Juampy is always looking out for the best way to proceed - process, code quality, looking out for our developer experience. Super knowledgeable, always super positive - I want him on my next project.
John Keegan, VP Technology Strategy @nbcnews. Digital technology leader @msnbc.
Juampy NR

Juampy started working as a web developer in 2006 after finishing his Computer Engineering & Information Systems degree in London. After spending a few years developing in Ruby on Rails and Symfony, Juampy discovered Drupal. Drawn by the Drupal community and the "mind-blowing effect of getting a project done 10 times faster than before", Juampy has never looked back.

Since then, he's become more and more involved in the issue queues, which led in turn to becoming maintainer of Twitter, OAuth and Devel modules, among others. He also organizes events, giving sessions at national and international conferences, and wrote the Drush User's Guide and Drush for Developers. He feels privileged to be able to experiment, have fun and be challenged everyday. Before joining Lullabot, Juampy worked for digital companies in the UK, Bolivia, Spain and the United States for clients such as the BBC, Reuters and the Spanish Gas Natural Fenosa. Juampy lives in Madrid, Spain. He enjoys spending his free time with relatives and friends, playing squash, roller skating, golfing and reading books. He is known as juampynr at Drupal.org and IRC.


  • Madrid, Spain
  • 3:04AM (CEST)
  • 12.4°C

Did you know...

Juampy plays the Hang, a mystic musical instrument.

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