Juampy NR

Senior Developer
Madrid, Spain
Juampy Headshot

Juampy’s Expertise

  • Drupal
  • Continuous Integration

Juampy is a Senior Drupal Developer with extensive experience in Drupal platform migrations. He's an enthusiastic proponent of continuous integration workflows and has written several articles about leveraging CI for everything from migrations to running and testing Drupal sites. Juampy is the maintainer of lullabot/drupal8ci; one-line installers to integrate Drupal 8 with CircleCI, TravisCI, GitLab, and GitHub Actions.

In his time with Lullabot, Juampy has worked with high-profile media brands to spearhead migrations to modern Drupal platforms. While working on these projects, he's helped build and contribute several Drupal modules to the community to provide additional migration options and functionality. Juampy was a member of the Module Acceleration Program, where he helped porting popular modules from Drupal 7 to 8, such as Pathauto, Metatag, Redirect, and Field Collection.

Juampy is a prolific writer, with two books under his belt: Drush User's Guide and Drush for Developers, not to mention numerous articles at the Lullabot blog on Continuous Integration, Data Migrations, and Development Workflow

Beyond coding, he also loves optimizing development workflows, which involves implementing practices like peer reviews, coding standards, Continuous Integration, and Infrastructure as Code. Given his skill set, Juampy was invited to implement Tugboat Live Previews at Drupal.org’s core issues, which he did. He then extended this to support contributed modules too.

Aside from technology, Juampy enjoys playing squash. He lives with Ana in Spain, in a small village near the mountains of Madrid.

Drupal contributions:

  • Added Tugboat live previews to Drupal core and contributed projects.
  • Co-maintainer of Basic Auth in Drupal core
  • Co-maintainer of Media Migration
  • Co-maintainer of Diff
  • Co-maintainer of Devel

Projects worked on at Lullabot:

  • Turner Broadcasting
  • NBC
  • Pac-12
  • Bravo TV
  • Oxygen
  • Universal Kids
  • NBC News
  • Today.com
  • Harvard Alumni
  • Evergreen State College

Key accomplishments:

Education and training:

  • Computer Engineering & Information Systems Degree from Pontificia Comillas University (Madrid) and University of Westminster (London).
  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator and Application Developer.

Did you know?

Juampy has two chickens patrolling his house: Turuleta and Caponata.