Juampy NR

Lead Engineer

Madrid, Spain

Juampy is a Lead Engineer with extensive experience working with media corporations. After years of doing Drupal consulting and development, Juampy started specializing in Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Cloud Development. Currently, he works with Go and Node.js to communicate with Drupal to build rich applications in the cloud.

His experiences with complex content and data pipelines with companies like Turner Broadcasting and NBC Universal have exposed him to a myriad of problems that have touched several technologies, requiring advanced software engineering and DevOps skills. He also helped build a set of Drupal modules for use by various Turner Broadcasting brands such as nba.com, Cartoon Network, TCM, and TNT.

Beyond coding, Juampy loves optimizing development workflows, which involves implementing practices like peer reviews, coding standards, Continuous Integration, and Infrastructure as Code. Because of his unique skill set, he was invited to implement Tugboat Live Previews for Drupal.org’s core issues and later extended this to support contributed modules too. He is also the maintainer of lullabot/drupal9ci; a set of one-line installers to integrate Drupal with CircleCI, TravisCI, GitLab, and GitHub Actions.

Juampy is also a prolific writer with two books under his belt: Drush User's Guide and Drush for Developers. You’ll also find numerous articles by him on the Lullabot blog dealing with Continuous Integration, Data Migrations, and Kubernetes

Juampy lives in a small village near the mountains of Madrid with Ana and their daughter, Irene. During his free time, you’ll probably find him playing squash.

Did you know?

Juampy has two chickens patrolling his house: Turuleta and Caponata.