Juampy NR

Lead Engineer

Madrid, Spain

Juampy is a Lead Engineer specializing in Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Cloud Development. He has proven experience in Drupal migrations, having led the effort for Bravo TV and assisted Harvard's Alumni website migration.

After years of Drupal development, he branched out to other technologies like Node.js and Go, building complex web applications. His solutions have helped some of the world's largest media organizations, such as NBC News, TNT, TCM, and CNBC.

Beyond coding, Juampy loves optimizing development workflows and establishing best practices so code is easier to maintain and more secure. He implemented Tugboat Live Previews for Drupal.org, which the whole Drupal community uses to speed up the development and testing of bug fixes and new features. He has also written two books: Drush User's Guide and Drush for Developers.

Juampy lives in a small village near the mountains of Madrid with his wife and daughter. Whenever he has a chance, he goes for a game of squash.



Did you know?

Juampy has five chickens patrolling his house: Doris, Gertrudis, Virgilia, Margareth, and Catherine.