Andrew Berry

Director of Technology

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Andrew is a technical architect and developer who works at the intersection of business and technology. His journey with Drupal and PHP started with a student website that needed to change a sentence in the site footer. Two months and a migration later, Andrew was thoroughly convinced of the value of Drupal and its community. He has made many contributions as deviantintegral on to many modules and Drupal core, as well as helping to organize the Waterloo Region Drupal Users Group. Since joining Lullabot, he's helped architect and build products for clients, including the State of Massachusetts, DocuSign, and the American Booksellers Association.

Andrew enjoys going beyond Drupal and PHP, supporting Lullabot’s team in DevOps, security, and project management. Most recently, he’s been exploring home automation, giving him opportunities to deepen his expertise in Python and TypeScript. He also led the discovery and architecture for the American Bookseller's Association Drupal 9 e-commerce platform.

Andrew has a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Guelph. While researching there, he specialized in Human-Computer Interaction and online security. His research interests include perceptions of privacy online and visualization of security and privacy threats. Andrew lives in Guelph with his wife Julia, two daughters, and their cats.

Did you know?

Andrew can be nerdsniped with any problem that needs a debugger to solve.