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Desk with some books and a laptop displaying the DocuSign completion page that says, "You finished signing."

DocuSign offers a suite of applications and integrations for electronic agreements. One of the most highly trafficked pages within the entire DocuSign site is the page a user sees immediately after signing a document. The page has several variations based on the user’s process and is one of the most important pages for turning signers into customers. 

The team at DocuSign wanted to redesign this page for a more seamless experience and increase conversions while staying consistent with the newly redesigned site. To do this, we partnered with their designers and product owners to plan, design, and test a new post-sign landing page that meets DocuSign's goals and pleases its customers.

Design variations for the DocuSign post-sign landing page.

Balancing User Needs and Business Goals

To ensure a design that was desirable for DocuSign's customers and viable for the business, we worked closely with DocuSign to evaluate current user behavior and page performance. We conducted workshops where we modeled the presentation layer for each variation of the post-sign landing page, prioritizing user needs, business goals, and other requirements. This provided a blueprint for designing multiple approaches for testing in the wild with real users.

Presentation models for the post-sign landing page on

Bridging Product & Marketing Design Systems

Prior to beginning the redesign of the post-sign landing page, our team was already working closely with other design and development teams at DocuSign to redesign their primary marketing site: 

The emerging design system for the marketing site informed the design system for the post-sign landing page. Users needed to feel like the post-sign landing page was a final step in the product flow while shifting them into the marketing site. Building this bridge, with the balancing act it required, was key to a successful design.

Font and color styles for the DocuSign post-sign landing page.

A Redesign That Performs

In the end, we produced multiple design options for each version of the new post-sign landing page. This empowered the DocuSign team to run live tests with real site users and arrive at the best-performing design. 

Based on the performance, feedback has been extremely positive. We're extremely proud of what we accomplished with the DocuSign team.

DocuSign post-sign landing page mockup that says, "You finished signing," and includes FAQs and a button to sign up for free.

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