Matt Robison

Content Writer & Strategist

Louisville, KY

Matt Robison is a senior Drupal / PHP developer who's been working on Drupal projects since 2008. He's helped develop and launch dozens of Drupal solutions, from successful e-commerce sites to full-fledged web apps. In his time at Lullabot, Matt has worked on complex migration and code-unification projects for major media, higher education, and enterprise organizations.

Before joining Lullabot, Matt worked with a consulting firm where he trained new developers on Drupal best practices. He managed and helped develop the migration of a school district’s 15+ websites to Drupal, which included implementing a consistent design system across all themes. He also managed and developed the migration of Lifeguard Press and Shop Bando onto Drupal Commerce. His work on that project included developing a custom personalization wizard.

Since joining Lullabot, Matt has been a member of the leading project team that unified the codebase of Oxygen and Bravo. He also migrated from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8, modifying the content model while supporting legacy content requirements. He customized JSON:API to feed into a decoupled React front-end for, and planned and implemented a Total Cost-of-Ownership calculator for Cloud VMWare product.

Matt has spent most of his life in Kentucky (with a few detours in Tennessee and Florida) and currently resides in Louisville with his wife and three children. He's active in his local church, and in his free time likes to read (to himself and his kids), dabble a bit in game design, and become totally absorbed in the magic of a great movie. His favorite food is ice cream.

Did you know?

Matt successfully wrote and Kickstarted a children's book called Princess Hiccup (