Aubrey Sambor

Senior Front-end Developer
Northampton, MA
Headshot of Aubrey Sambor

Aubrey’s Expertise

  • Sass/CSS
  • Accessibility
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Drupal

Aubrey initially learned to code in the late 90s when her high school friends told her about this cool site called Geocities. She decided she wanted a site of her own, so she bought an HTML 4 book and taught herself the ways of code. She graduated from Indiana University with a Computer Science degree and started her career building custom PHP web portals for clients, eventually discovering Drupal in 2008.

Aubrey has since worked with Rutgers, Princeton, UMass, Harvard, Yale, MIT, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, and Phillips Exeter Academy and is passionate about design systems, accessibility, and the latest and greatest CSS techniques.

In her spare time Aubrey loves to knit, spin her own yarn on one of her two spinning wheels, and walk on the many trails and paths throughout western Massachusetts. She enjoys craft beer and coffee and even has a beer hop tattoo on her wrist. She's left-handed and has always disliked it when her classmates took all the left-handed scissors in art class. 

Projects Worked on at Lullabot:
Education & Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts Computer Science, Indiana University Bloomington

Additional course work for Master of Science in Computer Science, Boston University

Did you know?

Aubrey played the flute in high school and participated in many wind ensembles in western Massachusetts, even playing solos at a couple events!