Megh Plunkett

Senior Content Strategist

Philadelphia, PA

Megh Plunkett, CPACC, is a senior content strategist at Lullabot. Her focus is on structuring content so that it is accessible, maintainable, and extensible. In her work, she strives to provide a pleasant site experience for both content authors and site visitors. Megh's background in Drupal front-end development informs her content strategy approach of optimizing for content throughout all phases of a project.

With over a decade of web development experience across agency and higher education settings, Megh understands the challenges of building complex websites while collaborating with stakeholders, product owners, content strategists, designers, back-end and front-end developers, and quality assurance engineers. She has built large websites for government organizations, hospitals, universities, non-profit organizations, museums, startups, and research foundations.

Megh has been an active member of the Drupal community since 2009. She has contributed to several Drupal core initiatives, including the Drupal administration UI and Toolbar initiative, Layout Builder initiative, and bringing the Views module into Drupal 8 core. She was also a key member of the front-end team that enabled 90+ State of Georgia agencies to customize their individual websites without breaking the overall GovHub design.

She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her husband.