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Brian Skowron

Brian Skowron found his way to the web through the route of traditional media. He’s always had a passion for media theory and communications, and that passion manifested itself in roles with Fox and Univision Radio.

But Brian truly earned his account chops in the technology world, selling managed hosting services for complex web applications at NeoSpire and Logicworks. Even within this nuts and bolts industry, Brian consistently found himself drawn to high-profile web projects and the unique challenges they provided. It was on these projects where Brian was introduced to Drupal and witnessed its capabilities on a large scale.

At Lullabot, Brian actually endeavors NOT to be the kind of salesperson you’re used to working with. He’d prefer to listen and help solve your problem instead of tooting Lullabot’s horn. (Well...he might toot Lullabot’s horn a little bit.)

Brian lives in Dallas with his wife Adrienne, with whom he shares a love of travel, karaoke, and good food. His love of baseball on the other hand, is a solitary affair.


  • Dallas, TX
  • 10:17PM (CST)
  • 20.8°C

Did you know...

Brian's hidden talent is creating Bob Ross-style landscapes on Etch-a-Sketch.

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