Navigating the Waters of Drupal Development with Tugboat

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We embark on a journey, guided by a Tugboat, through the evolving landscape of Drupal development. This episode of the Lullabot Podcast dives deep into the world of Tugboat's seamless integration on It's a pivotal tool that's redefining the paradigms of building, testing, and deploying Drupal projects.

Our voyage is enriched by the insights of a distinguished Drupal Core Committer, who unveils the myriad development challenges Tugboat adeptly navigates and resolves. Joining the conversation is the Captain of Tugboat himself, offering a rare glimpse into the mechanics behind Tugboat's ability to streamline the development workflow and foster unprecedented levels of collaboration among developers.

And there's more on the horizon—this episode is also the launch pad for our new podcast host!

Episode Guests

James Sansbury

A photo of James Sansbury smiling, sporting a pink bowtie and nerdy glasses.

In his role as Director of Product for Tugboat, James leverages his years of experience as a technical architect for Lullabot to support the biggest brands on the web with their digital platforms.

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Cristina Chumillas

Cristina Chumillas headshot

Cristina Chumillas is a Front-end Developer with a background in Design.

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Chris Albrecht

Chris Albrecht wearing a dark button down shirt in front of a gray background.

Back-end Drupal Developer turned Project Manager, Chris has worked on high-profile projects for IBM, Syfy, and more.

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