Chris Albrecht

Senior Developer
Chris's Expertise
  • Drupal
  • PHP
  • Filling out Bio Forms
Chris Albrecht is an alright dude.
Carwin Young
Chris Albrecht

Faced with the daunting rearchitecture of a homegrown CMS in 2007, Chris's company found Drupal and he hasn't looked back since. Over the years Chris has worked for a number of local companies and small business honing not only his backend development skills, but also his theming, project management and commuting skills. Some of his favorite accomplishments include integrating 2-way communication between SalesForce and Drupal, writing a split-payment system for Ubercart and winning the Tropo Hackathon at DrupalCon Denver.

On his way to Lullabot, Chris spent a few years with the National Renewable Energy Lab where he led a team of talented developers and helped to implement a large Drupal infrastructure. One of the sites he built with his team is now a required government resource for commercial and home weatherization.

When he's not helping up-and-coming Drupallers in IRC and jamming as much internet into his head as possible, Chris loves traveling and exploring Colorado with his wife Laura and cheering on the local sports teams. Chris and Laura are both runners, with 3 marathons (mostly hers) and a number of crazy mountain relays (mostly his) between them. Sometimes, if you listen closely, you can hear the (almost) melodic sounds of Chris picking away at the strings of his guitar echoing down the hallways of his house.


  • Denver, CO
  • 10:34AM (MDT)

Did you know...

Chris grew up in South Park. Seriously.

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