Chris Albrecht

Senior Technical Project Manager

Denver, CO

Faced with the daunting re-architecture of a homegrown CMS in 2007, Chris' company found Drupal, and he hasn't looked back since. On his way to Lullabot Chris worked for local Drupal companies and as a freelance developer, including the National Renewable Energy Lab where he led a team to produce a Drupal-based tool that became a required government resource for commercial and home weatherization.

Prior to joining Lullabot, Chris developed a unique editorial layout tool on He also hosted a podcast called "Behind the Screens" interviewing members of the Drupal community. 

Chris was ecstatic to join Lullabot as a back-end developer on the SyFy Channel redesign.  Seeing that project from the management side, Chris has gone on to many other projects as a lead developer and eventually converted that leadership into a project manager role. Chris took on the challenge of streamlining IBM’s Drupal experience and most recently has been leading a team of more than 30 people as the client migrates to a brand new CMS. 

When not behind the screen, Chris can often be found in Colorado running through Rocky Mountain trails or teaching folks about the Colorado Gold Rush and the history of his state and town as a local tour guide.

Did you know?

Chris grew up in South Park.