Behind the Screens

Chris "KeyboardCowboy" Albrecht goes behind the screens with members of the Drupal community and others to learn about the goings on in the land of open source and the people who make it happen.

Behind the Screens with Matt Westgate

For 13 years, Matt Westgate has been at Lullabot's helm, and though both Drupal and Lullabot have evolved, the spirit of community remains. Matt shares his insights on the past, future, and ferrets.

Behind the Screens with Amitai Burstein

How do you maintain one of Drupal's most prolific modules, run a business, have a family, and stay balanced? Amitai Burstein spills his secrets to success and how you can join him! Also, sushi!

Behind the Screens with Cristina Chumillas

Why spend time on Drupal's UI? New Lullabot, Cristina Chumillas, tells us about the UI initiative and why it's important, the new Claro theme, and strangest thing she's ever eaten.

Behind the Screens with Sean Dietrich

Docksal co-maintainer and BADCamp co-organizer, Sean Dietrich, talks about what it takes to run a camp website, why he became a Docksal co-maintainer, and why we could all use a little more time.

Behind the Screens with Brendan Blaine

I catch up with Brendan Blaine, a developer for the Drupal Association, to find out what it takes to run, why the conferences run so smoothly, and always remember to use a coaster.

Behind the Screens with Kevin Thull

Can't make a Drupal camp? Kevin Thull has you covered! Kevin donates his time recording sessions at most North American Drupal camps. I find out why, and what food to bribe him with.

Behind the Screens with Rachel Lawson

Developer turned Community Liaison for the Drupal Association, Rachel Lawson fills us in on why this is an important role for her and the Drupal project. Plus, a motorbike tour of Europe and Asia?

Behind the Screens with Hussain Abbas

Bangalore to Seattle is no short trip, but Hussain Abbas made the journey, stopping at many Drupal camps along the way. He tells us why DrupalCon is so important, and where to find the best biryani.

Behind the Screens with Karl Kedrovsky

Fresh off the inaugural Flyover Camp, co-organizer Karl Kedrovsky talks organizing local user groups, what it means to give back to the community, and why some furniture is timeless.

Behind the Screens with Cathy Theys

Cathy Theys could often be found roaming contribution days at DrupalCons organizing people, but she's recently switched gears back to development. I caught up with her in Seattle to find out why.

Behind the Screens with Adam Bergstein

For years, has provided a once-and-done tool for testing Drupal, and Adam Bergstein has recently taken over maintainership. In this episode we find out why, how you can help, and coffee!

Behind the Screens with Leslie Glynn

Recent Aaron Winborn Award winner, Leslie Glynn, talks about what keeps her coming back to DrupalCon, her love for illuminating people, and when the heck will Tom Brady retire?

Behind the Screens with Jim Smith

From Drupal experimentalist, to migrating the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's website, to thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, Jim Smith is bridging communities and sharing his story.

Behind the Screens with Suzanne Dergacheva

EvolvingWeb Co-Founder Suzanne Dergacheva spills on why she recently joined the Drupal Association, what's happening with Drupal in Montreal, and the Oboe.

Behind the Screens with Tom Sliker

Tom Sliker started Broadstreet Consulting more than a decade ago, and has made Drupal a family affair. We dragged Tom out of the South Carolina swamps and into DrupalCamp Atlanta to get the scoop.

Behind the Screens with Amy Loudermilk

I caught up with Turner's Global Tech & Ops Lead Recruiter, Amy Loudermilk, at DrupalCamp Atlanta. Amy dishes on Turner's employee culture, why the local DrupalCamp is so important, and chickens.

Behind the Screens with Jacob Rockowitz

From YAMLForm to WebForm, Jacob spearheaded the port of Drupal's most popular form builder into D8. Why take on such a task? When is the first stable release? All that and more as BTS returns!

Behind the Screens with Matthew Saunders

Matthew Saunders, the Engineering Lead for various programs at Pfizer, talks about managing a distributed team of developers across the globe, his work with the Colorado Drupal Community, and theater!

Behind the Screens with Preston So

Acquia's Director of Research and Innovation, Preston So, dishes about delivering keynote presentations on diversity and inclusion, the state of decoupled Drupal, and the Travel Channels newest star.

Behind the Screens with Jeff Vargas

Senior Director of Technology for USA and Syfy, Jeff Vargas talks managing two high-traffic TV brands, how NBCUniversal has adopted Drupal as its go-to CMS, and what the heck is a library card?