Bangalore to Seattle is no short trip, but Hussain Abbas made the journey, stopping at many Drupal camps along the way. He tells us why DrupalCon is so important, and where to find the best biryani.

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The thing with DrupalCon is the people. I guess by this point it's cliché to hear that, but you know, it's still true so I'm going to say it anyway. Drupal come for the code and you stay for the community.

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Hussain Abbas

Hussain Abbas

Hussain began working with PHP in 2001, and at that time, wouldn't touch any CMS or framework and preferred to write his own. He grew tired of issues with PHP and was about to switch to another language when he came across a volunteer project that needed Drupal's capabilities, so in 2010 he tried Drupal 6.

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