Frances Duncan

Senior Content Strategist

Portland, OR

Frances Duncan is a senior content strategist who has been working on the web since around the time “blog” became a word. 

She got her start in publishing and has worked as an editor, producer, front-end developer, adjunct professor, and strategist. Frances is a systems thinker who also likes to sweat the small stuff, and gets really excited about research, taxonomy, process improvement, and writing documentation. 

Before Lullabot, Frances worked at a small design studio as a strategist and producer, where she codified studio operations and contributed to every aspect of the project lifecycle from proposal to final retrospective. She’s worked for clients as diverse as Levi’s, Harvard, and n+1 magazine, and spent close to ten years freelancing, which has made her a strong interdisciplinary generalist.

Frances believes that folks in tech have a responsibility to consider the humanity of all the people involved in a software project — in its creation, maintenance, and consumption. She strives to build digital products that balance the needs of lots of different kinds of people and favors a collaborative, cross-functional approach.

A native New Yorker at heart, Frances lives in Portland, OR with her husband, their son, and an aggressively affectionate pitbull. She spends a lot of time perfecting her naturally leavened pizza dough recipe, huffing up the side of an extinct volcano, and buying too many vegetables at the farmers’ market.

Did you know?

Frances has material in the Riot Grrrl Collection at New York University Library.