Andy Blum

Lead Engineer

Minster, OH

Andy is a front-end developer and Acquia Certified Front-End Specialist. As a former science teacher, he loves finding simple and elegant solutions to complex problems. His passion for learning keeps him active in the Drupal issues queues and offering help in Drupal Slack channels. He is currently co-maintainer of the core Olivero theme and the UIKit theme. He has been involved in Drupal since 2016.

As a developer, Andy has led the site-building and theming processes for sites in various industries and sectors. These include a metropolitan transit authority and a state high school athletic association. Since joining Lullabot, he has led the automation effort of IBM masthead navigation assets, saving countless hours of manual edits, and contributed significant accessibility fixes to the web component library for IBM.

Andy lives in Minster, Ohio, with his wife, daughter, and their golden doodle Pete. In the summer, he can be found cycling, and sometimes skiing in the winter. During football season, Andy might be buried under piles of spreadsheets playing super-dynasty fantasy football.