Mateu Aguiló Bosch

Lead Engineer

Mallorca, Spain

Mateu is a lead engineer with over 10 years in Drupal development, during which he has contributed over 3,000 commits and serves as a Drupal core co-maintainer. He has extensive experience in API design, Node.js development and contribution, and distributed architectures in the cloud.

Mateu created the RESTful v2 module while working on an NBC project, which laid the foundation for the current decoupled Drupal landscape. He was also the coordinator of and contributor to the Drupal API-First initiative and the co-creator of Contenta CMS and most of the decoupled Drupal modules.

As a prolific contributor, Mateu has too many modules to highlight; in the last year, he created Warmer and API Proxy during his work on a project for IBM.

After receiving his Bachelor's degree in telecommunications engineering from the University of Barcelona and completing his Master's thesis at UC Berkeley, Mateu began his career as a speech recognition developer. He was hired by the University in Barcelona to do full-time research about acoustic pattern recognition and language detection but felt constrained chasing fractional improvements in speech recognition. Frustrated that he could not explain what he was doing to family and friends, Mateu switched to web development, where the fruits of his labor were more evident to them.

Mateu is passionate about sharing with the community; through IRC, Google Summer of Code, Slack, and his YouTube channel. He has presented at numerous DrupalCons, and he mentors Drupal developers and new contributors.

Of all the Lullabots, Mateu probably lives in the most envy-inducing place possible. As a resident of the tropical paradise Mallorca, Spain, he enjoys long hikes on unspoiled Mediterranean beaches, playing tennis and soccer, and, occasionally, sampling from the island’s 2400 restaurants. He is a proud papa to two little humans.

Did you know?

Mateu trained his two cats to come after a certain whistle even from one block away.