David Burns

VP of Extended Support

Springfield, PA

David's passion for business and technology has guided his professional marketing, development, and project management career. His eagerness to learn new technologies and solve complex problems in the simplest way possible has helped him succeed as a Drupal developer and senior technical project manager. 

David began working with Drupal in 2005 while employed at an e-commerce company in Malvern, PA. Not long after, he was hired by Sony Music and moved to New York City. While there, he had the opportunity to work with Lullabot to build the MyPlay music portal and a Drupal multi-site installation that powered hundreds of Sony artists' websites. From there, Drupal took him to San Francisco, where he worked with Lifetime Television, but his heart was still on the East Coast. He moved back to Pennsylvania and started his own development company, Rapid Waters Development, which was acquired by Lullabot in 2010.

David was a part of the initial group of developers hired to build Lullabot's development services, and he established the support and maintenance department.

When David is not writing and organizing Jira tickets or hacking away at code, you will find him spending time with his family, which includes his wife, son, two dogs, and a cat. He is also completing a bachelor's degree online at the University of Maryland University College with a major in Digital Media and Web Technology and a minor in Computer Science. David enjoys watching movies, listening to live music, hanging out by the fire pit, and cooking on the grill.

Did you know?

David has amassed over 2200 video games on Steam which earned him the title of "Director of Acquisitions" within the Steam community.