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Acoustic guitar players, one teaching one learning.

The NAMM Foundation is a non-profit organization full of dedicated staff and volunteers that work hard to promote the intrinsic value of music and music education. It's a fantastic cause and wonderful organization that does a lot of inspiring things in communities all across the United States.

NAMM website mockup

We headed out to sunny Carlsbad, California to spend a week with the NAMM team, learning the ins and outs of their organization, their content, and the people they serve. The result of the work was a number of lightweight tools to help inspire, evaluate, and focus our design ideas.

Card-sorting onsite at NAMM

Jazz albums

During our brand research we realized that Herbie Hancock's blue note jazz albums from the mid 20th century seemed to really fit the words we were using to describe the NAMM Foundation’s brand. We created a style tile that applied this visual language to example components and messaging for the NAMM Foundation website.

NAMM Website Mobile Mockup


NAMM Mockup on an iPad

Project credits

The following people contributed to the success of this project.

  • Darren Petersen

    VP of Projects

  • David Burns

    VP of Extended Support

  • Greg Dunlap

    Director of Strategy

  • Jared Ponchot


  • Jeff Eaton

    Former Senior Digital Strategist

  • Jen Witkowski

    Associate Design Director

  • Jerad Bitner

    Senior Technical Project Manager

  • Juan Olalla Olmo

    Former Senior Developer

  • Maggie Griner

    Senior UX Designer

  • Matthew Tift

    Lead Engineer

  • Mike Herchel

    Former Senior Front-end Developer at Lullabot

  • Sally Young

    Senior DevOps Engineer

  • Sean Lange

    Director of Talent Development

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We provided the following kinds of services to help this project succeed.

  • Digital & Content Strategy

  • Drupal Development

  • Front-end Development

  • UI Design

  • UX & Design

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