Forming Forms: Designing Content Authoring Experiences

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We sit down with Greg Dunlap, Lullabot's Director of Strategy, who not only shares his latest endeavor on Kickstarter but also discusses with us the art and science behind "Designing Content Authoring Experiences."

As we learn about content creation and management, Greg provides unique insights and practical advice, drawing from his extensive experience in the field. (He's been doing Drupal for almost 18 years!)

We also learn what Drupal is doing right (and wrong) regarding content authoring experiences.

Greg would certainly appreciate your support of his book on Kickstarter.

Episode Guests

Greg Dunlap

Greg Dunlap wearing a teal button down shirt in front of a gray background.

Greg is the Director of Strategy at Lullabot who has been involved with Drupal for 12+ years, specializing in configuration management and deployment issues.

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