Jen Witkowski

Senior UX Designer
Jen's Expertise
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
Jen Witkowski

Jen Witkowski started her career as a graphic designer, but fell in love with web design after working on a small in-house website back in 2003. She’s now an Interactive/UX designer with over ten years of experience. Jen loves creative problem solving and the creative research process. She always takes an opportunity to learn something new- from JavaScript at work to installing a new window at home.

Jen has a Master of Fine Arts in Computer Art from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is an adjunct Professor at a local college teaching web & graphic design. She has experience working on everything from mobile apps to websites, including some branding and print work. Her past clients include Softlips, OXY Skincare, EuroPro and Perry’s Ice Cream.

Jen lives in Buffalo, NY with her boyfriend, Dan, and their dog, Murphy. Her hobbies include reading a good book on the patio (or near the fireplace depending on the season), experimenting in the kitchen and running/hiking/gardening/or anything outdoors.


  • Buffalo, NY
  • 10:02PM (EST)
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Did you know...

Jen is an avid gardener who loves cheese.

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