Lullabot Podcast

News, interviews, and tips about Drupal and Open Source from the team at Lullabot.

# 201
Talking Laravel with Matt Stauffer

Matt & Mike talk with "Laravel Up and Running" author Matt Stauffer about the Laravel PHP framework and how it differs from PHP and Drupal as a whole.

# 200
Past, Present, and Future of Drupal with Dries Buytaert and Matthew Tift

Matt and Mike talk with Drupal project lead Dries Buytaert and senior developer Matthew Tift to talk about the history of Drupal, what's currently going on, and what the future holds.

# 199
WordPress vs Drupal

Matt and Mike sit down with a number of cross-functional Drupal and WordPress developers to talk about the differences and similarities between the platforms, concepts, and communities.

# 198
Improving Drupal 8's User Experience

Matt and Mike talk with Acquia's Kevin Oleary and Ted Bowman about efforts to improve Drupal 8's usability and overall user experience.

# 197
Wi-Fi & Coffee, A Vacation? The DrupalCon Dublin Recap

Matt and Mike sit down with fellow Lullabots Joe Shindelar and Chris Albrecht to talk about DrupalCon Dublin. We talk about our favorite sessions, bofs, social events, and more.

# 196
Building Social With "Open Social"

Matt and Mike sit down with Taco Potze and Mieszko Czyzyk, as well as Lullabot Director of Technology, Karen Stevenson, to talk about the new Open Social Drupal distribution.

# 195
Syntax is Syntax? Lullabot's Non-Drupal Development Work

Matt and Mike sit down with several Lullabots who are working on non-Drupal projects including Node, Swift, and React. We talk about working in various languages, & how they compare to our PHP world.

# 194
Drupal 8 Deep Dive with Andrew, Juampy, Mateu, and Dave

Matt and Mike are joined by Andrew Berry, Juampy NR, Mateu Bosch, and Dave Reid to deep dive into Drupal 8 development. We talk best practices, IDE Plugins, tips, tricks and lots more.

# 193
The Dark Art of Web Design

Matt & Mike sit down with Lullabot's entire design team and talk the ins, outs, processes and tools behind sites such as, MSNBC, This Old House, and more!

# 192
Around the Drupalverse with Enzo García

Matt & Mike talk with Enzo García about his 18 country tour around the the world! We talk about various far-flung Drupal communities, motivations, challenges, and more.

# 191
Rapidly Iterating with the ELMS Learning Network Drupal Distribution

Matt and Mike talk to Bryan Ollendyke and Michael Potter about everything LMS (Learning Management Systems) and their ELMSLN Drupal distribution.

# 190
Drupal Commerce 2.x with the "Guys" from the Commerce Guys

Matt and Mike sit down to deep-dive into the Drupal 8 version of Drupal Commerce with Ryan Szrama, Bojan Zivanovic, Matt Glamon, in addition to Lullabot's own Matt Robison.

# 189
Lullabot Project Manager Roundtable

Matt & Mike sit around with several Lullabot project managers, and talks about the ins, outs, and hows of PMing.

# 188
Drupal and the Open Web with Josh Koenig

Matt and Mike sit down with Pantheon's Josh Koenig to talk about the open web and the future of the web.

# 187
DrupalCon New Orleans Wrap–up

Matt & Mike talk with a gaggle of Lullabots about their experiences at DrupalCon New Orleans.

# 186
DrupalCon New Orleans Session Extravaganza!

Matt and Mike ask a plethora of bots about their DrupalCon NOLA session, as well as what sessions they're looking forward to, and what's their favorite DrupalCon experience.

# 185
“One Weird Trick” for Drupal Security... or Something

Matt & Mike talk with Drupal Security Team members Michael Hess and Greg Knaddison. We talk about the current state of Drupal security, along with their Drupalcon session, "Watch the Hacker Hack".

# 184
Selling Drupal Modules and Distributions

Matt & Mike talk to Taco Potze, Robert Douglas, Matthew Tift, Greg Dunlap, and Jeff Eaton about selling Drupal modules, and all of the intricacies of community, GPL, and selling modules and distros.

# 183
Drupalcon: A Look Ahead to ‘Nawlins

Matt & Mike talk with Drupalcon organizers Rachel Friesen, Amanda Gonser, and Tina Krauss, alongside NOLA natives Eric & Sabrina Schmidt. We talk session & site submission criteria, & New Orleans!

# 182
Tugboat: A Visual Website QA Tool for Enterprise Teams

Matt and Mike sit down with a number of Lullabots to talk about Tugboat, which allows you to "review every feature or bug fix with automatic builds."