Modernizing JavaScript in Drupal 8

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Mike and Matt host two of Drupal's JavaScript maintainers, Théodore Biadala  and Matthew Grill, as well as Lullabot's resident JavaScript expert Sally Young, and talk about the history of JavaScript in Drupal, and attempts to modernize it.

Episode Guests

Théodore Biadala

Senior Performance Engineer at Tag1 Consulting, and JavaScript maintainer for both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.

Matthew Grill

Senior JavaScript Engineer at the Office of the CTO in Acquia and a JavaScript Maintainer for Drupal 8.

Sally Young

A smiling woman with long dark hair and dark glasses, wearing a white top.

Senior Technical Architect working across the full-stack and specialising in decoupled architectures. Core JavaScript maintainer for Drupal, as well as leading the JavaScript Modernization Initiative.

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