Building Social With "Open Social"

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Matt and Mike sit down with Taco Potze and Mieszko Czyzyk, as well as Lullabot Director of Technology, Karen Stevenson, to talk about the new Open Social Drupal distribution. We talk about the new features of Open Social, as well as the business model, developing in Drupal 8, and the pros and cons of distributions in general.

Episode Guests

Taco Potze

Founding partner GoalGorilla, and board member of Dutch Drupal Association. Founder of Yoast SEO for Drupal (module) and Drupal Social distribution.

Mieszko Czyzyk


Co-founding partner and marketing director of GoalGorilla

Karen Stevenson

Karen Stevenson wearing a white button down shirt and blazer with gray backdrop behind her.

Karen is one of Drupal's great pioneers, co-creating the Content Construction Kit (CCK), which has become part of Drupal core.

More about Karen