Making Drupal 8 API First with RESTful Web Services

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Matt and Mike sit down with the developers who are leading the REST initiatives in Drupal 8, and discuss the current landscape, and what's on the horizon. We discuss JSON API, GraphQL, changes to Drupal core, and more. 

Episode Guests

Wim Leers

Wim is one of the principle architects of the new Drupal 8 caching system, and is also the maintainer of Drupal's Big Pipe module.

Daniel Wehner

Senior Drupal Developer at Chapter Three, the most prolific contributor to Drupal 8, with his code everywhere you look.

Sebastian Siemssen

Lead developer at Amazee Labs. Maintainer of GraphQL module for Drupal. Creator of the Omega 4.x base theme.

Mateu Aguiló Bosch

Mateu Aguilo Bosch wearing a white button down shirt with black t-shirt underneath in front of a gray background.

Mateu Aguiló Bosch is a Lead Engineer with extensive experience in API design, Node.js development and contribution, and distributed architectures in the cloud. He loves to be under the sun.

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