Talking Laravel with Matt Stauffer

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Matt & Mike talk with "Laravel Up and Running" author Matt Stauffer about the Laravel PHP framework and how it differs from PHP and Drupal as a whole. They are joined by Lullabot developers Andrew Berry and Matt Robison. 

Episode Guests

Matt Stauffer

Matt is the host of the Laravel Podcast and 5 Minute Geek show podcasts. He is also a partner of Tighten Co, and author of the new O'Reilly book: Laravel Up & Running.

Matt Robison

Matt Robison wearing a dark gray button down shirt in front a gray background.

Matt has been working with Drupal since 2008. He loves spending his time reading, writing, playing with his three kids, and eating lots of ice cream.

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Andrew Berry

Photo of Andrew Berry, white male wearing a blue button down oxford shirt in front of a gray background.

Andrew Berry is an architect and developer who works at the intersection of business and technology.

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