Matt & Mike talk with "Laravel Up and Running" author Matt Stauffer about the Laravel PHP framework and how it differs from PHP and Drupal as a whole. They are joined by Lullabot developers Andrew Berry and Matt Robison. 

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This Episode's Guests

Matt Stauffer


Matt is the host of the Laravel Podcast and 5 Minute Geek show podcasts. He is also a partner of Tighten Co, and author of the new O'Reilly book: Laravel Up & Running.

Matt Robison

Matt has been working with Drupal since 2008. He loves spending his time reading, writing, playing with his three kids, and eating lots of ice cream.

Andrew Berry

Andrew Berry is an architect and developer who works at the intersection of business and technology.

About host Matt Kleve

Portrait of Matt Kleve
Matt Kleve has been a Drupal developer since 2007. His previous work in the media sparks a desire to create lean, easy to use workflow processes.

About host Mike Herchel

Mike is a former senior front-end developer at Lullabot, a lead of the Drupal 9 core "Olivero" theme initiative, and an organizer for Florida DrupalCamp.