Episode 21  on June 28, 2013Lullabot Podcast

BDD, Behat, and Drupal

In this episode Kyle Hofmeyer, Joe Shindelar and Emma Jane Westby are joined by special guest Melissa Anderson to talk about the concepts of BDD (Behavioral-driven development) and some of the tools available for automating BDD style tests.

There's a lot of ground to cover and we don't waste any time. In this episode we talk about the key reasons to use BDD: to improve development processes; to improve conversations with stakeholders; and, of course, to automate testing of your sites so that you can avoid click-style testing of new code. We dive into the specifics of what tools you will need for Drupal-powered sites: Behat, Mink, Selenium, and the Drupal extension.

We also discuss the Gherkin feature syntax and how it's intended to provide a way to both automate tests and to make it easier for everyone involved with a project to discuss a feature set using a common language. As well as some of the philosophies behind BDD and best practices for writing good testing scenarios.

We wrap up the episode with a discussion of how BDD is being used to assist in the development of Drupal.org and it's used to ensure our favorite community resource continues to function as expected.

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