Users Gonna Use—How Lullabot Does Usability Testing

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Matt and Mike sit down with three of Lullabot's senior UX designers to talk the ins and outs of usability testing within our design process.

Episode Guests

Marissa Epstein

Marissa Epstein is a woman in her mid-30s with long brown hair shaved on one side, wearing a purple and black blouse, purple cat-eye glasses, a silver necklace, and a smirk.

Senior User Experience Strategist at Lullabot. Marissa loves design research, organization, psychology tidbits, and snooty food.

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Maggie Griner


Maggie Griner fell in love with web design during the last class of her senior year of college and has pursued that passion ever since.

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Jen Witkowski

Jen Witkowski wearing a teal top in front of a blue background.

Jen Witkowski is the Associate Design Director at Lullabot with a passion for creating well-architected websites that provide a great user experience for desktop and mobile devices.

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