Maggie Griner

Senior UX Designer living in Charleston, SC
Charleston, South Carolina

Maggie’s Expertise

  • User Experience Design
  • Design Research
  • Brand Application
Maggie brings a unique perspective to our design process. Many have seen some of the beautiful visuals that the design team is working on, but may miss a lot of the effort that's gone on behind the scenes to lead to intelligent, informed design decisions. She's helping find ways to make lean, efficient research provide valuable insights in our work.
Jared Ponchot, Lullabot Creative Director

Maggie has an extensive background in all phases of the design process, from user experience design and brand strategy to front-end development. She encourages a research-informed process, marrying insights from research with design execution and brand application. 

Born and raised in Louisville, KY, Maggie currently lives in beautiful Charleston, SC—the culinary capital of the South—where she loves trying new restaurants with family and friends. Some of her other passions include getting creative in the kitchen, working on her golf game (she played for four years on the Women’s Golf Team at the University of Alabama), playing violin, and yoga.

Did you know...

Maggie is the oldest of six kids.