Marissa Epstein

Senior UX Designer
Marissa's Expertise
  • User Experience
  • Information Architecture
  • Project Management
Marissa is the person you go to when you need to make sure something gets done and gets done right.
Jessica Mokrzecki, Technical Project Manager
Marissa Epstein

Marissa has been drinking the design Kool-Aid ever since she was a kid in sunny south Florida. She started her design career in high school, followed by a Bachelors in Graphic Design (and a minor in Psychology) through the University of Cincinnati’s design and co-op program. Her work has run the gamut, from packaging big brands like Wrigley and Kraft (Macaroni & Cheese), to creating thoughtful websites and experiences for lean startups.

Marissa brings a passion for well-architected websites and responsive design, plus an obsessive attention to detail, to every project. Before joining the Lullabot team, Marissa gained experience as an Art Director for an interactive creative agency. Here she wore many proverbial hats: ideation, marketing, branding, information architecture, UI/UX design, and management. Within Lullabot, Marissa supports the UX Design team’s internal tasks, moving along such efforts as writing articles, follow-up tasks from discussions, and work related to the design team’s yearly goals. She balances this while working on client projects such as Harvard Library, Angie’s List and the Grammys.

Marissa currently resides in a Cape Cod home in Providence, RI, with her humongous dog, Elwood. Besides embarking on adventures in her tiny city (probably in the pursuit of good food), Marissa can be found at design events, concerts, reading non-fiction, and collecting toys.


  • Providence, RI
  • 1:20AM (EDT)
  • 4.3°C

Did you know...

Marissa has a designer toy collection that is starting to take over the house. She gave up counting them around 400.