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# 260
Scary Web Development Stories to Tell in the Dark

A group of Lullabots get together to swap scary stories from their professional pasts. Sometimes computers are hard and result in some scary situations. Happy Halloween!

# 256
Small Team Skills -- Putting in the Work on a Drupal 7 Upgrade

Host Matt Kleve talks with Nevin Katz who is an experienced Drupal developer on a small team who recently went through the process of upgrading an old D7 site to D9.

New Relic

Designing for Faster, More Effective Communication Between a Cloud-Based Platform and Its Audience

What to Do With Your Drupal 7 Website

Drupal 7 lives, but it lives only to die another day. So are you going to stay on Drupal 7? The answer, at some point, will need to be a resounding “no.”

How to Plan Your Drupal 7 Migration

Despite the uniqueness of each migration, there are some commonalities. You can take steps to ensure your migration will be a success, no matter how complex or simple.

Georgia Public Broadcasting

Creating a New Standard for Digital Experiences in Public Media

Simplifying the Architecture for a Popular Children’s Network

Building Georgia's Digital Future

Managing Authentication During API Migrations

Previously, I discussed using environment variables as a way to keep access credentials and sensitive data out of your code repository. Find out how they can also be used during API migrations.

Running and Testing Drupal 8 Migrations in CircleCI

Running migrations in a continuous integration tool like CircleCI allows one team to migrate configuration and content seamlessly while another team ports the front and back ends.