Scary Web Development Stories to Tell in the Dark

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A group of Lullabots get together to swap scary stories from their professional pasts. Sometimes computers are hard and result in some scary situations.

We're pretty sure that ghosts and goblins weren't ever to blame, but we can't be too sure.

Happy Halloween!

Episode Guests

Matt Oliveira

Matt Oliveira wearing a green t-shirt in front of a gray background.

Matt loves building websites, being outside and active, and spending time with his family.

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Erin Schroeder

Erin Schroeder wearing a light gray top with a dark gray background

Senior Content Strategist living in Cedar Rapids, IA

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David Burns

David Burns - Lullabot VP of Extended Support

David's career in Drupal spans over 18 years. His passion for business and technology led him to build Lullabot's Support & Maintenance department where he serves as the VP of Extended Support.

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Brian Skowron

Brian Skowron wearing blue button down shirt with dark gray sweater in front of a gray background.

Brian's been with Lullabot since 2011. He helps manage almost all aspects of our client relationships. Brian lives in Dallas, TX with his wife, Adrienne, and son, Dashiell.

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M. Nikki Flores

Nikki Flores wearing an orange sweater in front of a gray background.

Nikki Flores is a Technical Project Manager who has been building websites since 2004.

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Andy Blum

Andy Blum wearing a blue polo shirt in front of gray background.

Andy Blum is a front-end developer and Acquia Certified Front-End Specialist.

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Brenna Love

Brenna Love wearing a black shirt in front of a gray background.

Brenna Love is a technical project manager with over 15 years of experience delivering digital solutions.

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James Sansbury

James Sansbury wearing a gray button down shirt with a pink and white striped bowtie in front of a gray background.

In his role as Director of Product for Tugboat, James leverages his years of experience as a technical architect for Lullabot to support the biggest brands on the web with their digital platforms.

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