A Legacy Leap with Drupal Retrofit

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You've likely heard repeatedly about the impending end-of-life for Drupal 7 and the potentially daunting task of updating to the latest version.

We're joined by the esteemed Matt Glaman, a prominent Drupal contributor and Principal Software Engineer at Acquia, who introduces his latest innovation: Drupal Retrofit.

This tool serves as a compatibility layer, enabling you to execute legacy Drupal 7 code on your Drupal 10 site. The goal? To potentially ease your upgrade process and expedite your transition to modern Drupal.

Episode Guests

Matt Glaman

Portrait Photo of Matt Glaman

An Acquia Principal Software Engineer, Matt is the author of Drupal 8 Development Cookbook, and many of the useful tools you should be using while writing code for Drupal websites.

Kat Shaw

Kat Shaw wearing glasses and a cranberry red shirt

Kat is a CPACC-certified Lead Engineer at Lullabot who is a passionate advocate for digital accessibility.

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