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Behind the Screens with Amy Loudermilk

I caught up with Turner's Global Tech & Ops Lead Recruiter, Amy Loudermilk, at DrupalCamp Atlanta. Amy dishes on Turner's employee culture, why the local DrupalCamp is so important, and chickens.

Project Management with GitHub: v2

See how we organize large website projects using GitHub.

A Content Personalization Primer

Cutting through the hype of product pitches and tech demos requires clear answers to four key questions.

The Hidden Costs of Decoupling

Decoupling is still great. But, buy-in from the whole business is needed for the most benefit.

Behind the Screens with Agustin Casiva and Marcos Ibañez

Marcos and Agustin from 42Mate discuss how a small Argentinian company got a booth at DrupalCon, what Drupal can learn from other tech communities and vice versa, plus motorcycles and fish.

Behind the Screens with Nick Switzer

Elevated Third's Director of Development, Nick Switzer, talks transitioning from coding to conversation, why you should support your local Drupal camp, and his lost career as a smoke jumper.

A Hierarchy of Software Quality

Building up from a foundation, following these five best practices for enterprise software teams can turn releases from a fire drill into a foregone conclusion and even make software last longer.

Will JavaScript Eat the Monolithic CMS?

Software is eating the world, the web is eating software, and JavaScript rules the web. What does that mean for the future of the monolithic CMS?

Behind the Screens with Trasi Judd

Four Kitchens' Director of Support & Continuous Improvement Trasi Judd breaks down the support side of web development, how she manages her team and clients, why Drupal, and her passion for painting.

Behind the Screens with Jeffrey McGuire

Jeffrey A. "Jam" McGuire describes how he's blending open source with business in his new company, the history of the DrupalCon Prenote, why he's keynoting a Joomla conference, and French horns.