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#DrupalCares With Dries, Suzanne Dergacheva, and Matt Westgate

Matt and Mike sit down with Drupal Project Lead Dries Buytaert, Drupal Association Board Member Suzanne Dergacheva, and Lullabot CEO Matt Westgate to discuss the state of the Drupal Association.

Working from Home: Going Beyond the Basics

Here are a few tips and strategies for working from home that we hope will help you get through the pandemic and improve your productivity.

Fostering Inclusion in Tech: Hiring Inclusively

When it comes to hiring inclusively, it's important to hire in the spirit of openness, transparency, accountability, and have a shared vision of what constitutes success for the new position.

DrupalCon Europe

Mike and Matt talk with organizers of DrupalCon Europe about the organization of the conference, COVID-19, and differences between it and DrupalCon North America.

Using Drupal in a Pandemic

As we negotiate a world where COVID-19 dominates the headlines and our daily lives, considering lessons from the Drupal community might shape our understanding of these extraordinary times.

Fostering Inclusion in Tech

Becoming stronger, more empathetic communicators who foster diversity, equity, and inclusion across the organization is something we’re striving for continuously. Here are some tips we've collected.

Drupal in Government

Matt and Mike talk to two organizers of Drupal4Gov, as well as the project manager for Lullabot's replatform about all things Drupal in the government.

Fostering Inclusion in Tech: Simple Policy Changes

Part five of our series provides tips for providing a welcoming and comfortable work environment for everyone that don't require a major overhaul to current practices. with Adam Bergstein

Mike and Matt drag Adam Bergstein onto the show to talk about the free service, which is used to quickly spin up Drupal environments for quick patch testing, reviews, and more.

Behind the Screens with Matt Westgate

For 13 years, Matt Westgate has been at Lullabot's helm, and though both Drupal and Lullabot have evolved, the spirit of community remains. Matt shares his insights on the past, future, and ferrets.