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Matthew's post on "The Cultural Construction of Drupal" is a landmark blog post. Everybody should read this. A hugely thought-provoking article.
Michael Anello, DrupalEasy
Matthew Tift

Matthew Tift (mtift on is host of Hacking Culture, a Drupal 8 configuration system co-maintainer, organizer of the Twin Cities DrupalCamp, Drupal core contributor since 2010, and regular speaker at various conferences, user groups, and webinars.

He has been a Drupal developer and consultant for a variety of organizations, including Wisconsin Public Radio, Gorton Studios, TEN7, Harvest Public Media, Public Radio International, and Nevada Public Radio. In each of these roles he has been a devoted free software advocate.

Matthew started playing violin at age 5 and holds a Ph.D. in musicology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has taught music courses at the University of Iowa and Bemidji State University.

An enthusiastic cyclist who bikes all year round, he lives near Minneapolis with his totally awesome wife and two beautiful daughters.

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