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Yvette Erasmus on Building Healthy Relationships with Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Matthew Tift talks with Yvette Erasmus about building healthy relationships at home and work with nonviolent communication (NVC)

Dori Kelner on Workplace Mindfulness Programs

Matthew Tift talks with Dori Kelner, a mindfulness teacher, yoga teacher, and a long-time member of the Drupal community about evidence-based workplace mindfulness programs

Nicole Lovald on Yoga, Meditation, Therapy, and Mental Health

Matthew Tift talks with Nicole Lovald about the differences between therapy and contemplative practices, such as yoga and meditation.

Angie Byron on Cultivating Well-Being in Tech Communities

Matthew Tift talks with Angie Byron about preventing burnout, community wellness checks, and other issues related to cultivating well-being in open-source communities, including Drupal

Stephanie Wagner on Cultivating Healthy Minds at Work

Matthew Tift talks with Stephanie Wagner about Healthy Minds Innovations, their Health Minds @Work program, and "hacking the mind."

How We Compare: Leaderboards and Related Comparison Metrics in the Drupal Community

This article focuses on three attempts to compare people (and organizations) in the Drupal community.

Drupal Accessibility: Why It's Worth It

While some developers rightly focus on how to make websites accessible, this article focuses on the why. Why does the Drupal community hold accessibility in such high esteem?

Impact and Generosity in the Drupal Community

As the pandemic continues to spread, many of us are forced to reassess our values and our place in the world. Now is an especially good time to take a closer look at Drupal's values and principles.

Using Drupal in a Pandemic

As we negotiate a world where COVID-19 dominates the headlines and our daily lives, considering lessons from the Drupal community might shape our understanding of these extraordinary times.

Interpreting the Drupal Core Commit History

In this article, I will use data from the Drupal Git commit history, as well as other sources, to demonstrate how dramatically the Drupal core “code committing” landscape has changed.

Imagining Drupal

In my experience, DrupalCon can create both excitement and frustration, so my goal this year is to let go of expectations.

The Imaginary Band of Drupal Rock Stars at Lullabot

Matthew Tift talks with James Sansbury and Matt Westgate about the history of Lullabot, building teams of Drupal experts, and moving away from the phrase "rock star."

A Security Checklist for Drupal 8 Sites with Private Data

A Drupal site with private and confidential data brings with it some unique risks. This article provides a checklist to ensure the sensitive data on your site is secure.

Joanne Armitage on Feminist Algorave

Matthew Tift talks with Dr. Joanne Armitage about performing with ALGOBABEZ, her live coding workshops for women and non-binary people, narratives around failure, inclusion and diversity, and more

Mike Hodnick on Live Coding with TidalCycles

In this episode, Matthew Tift talks with Mike Hodnick (aka Kindohm) about live coding, TidalCycles, performing with other live coders, creating new sounds, and much more

The Blue Drop Matrix

This episode discusses DrupalCon Nashville, the movie The Matrix, and various ways to understand the Drupal community