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The Paradox of Tolerance

When a welcoming community slams the door

Behind the Screens with Jim Birch

Xeno Media's Web Strategist, Jim Birch, has been melding the front-end with the back-end in his module, Bootstrap Paragraphs. Come on out to MidCamp in March to hear all about it!

Behind the Screens with Thom Toogood

Thom Toogood stops by BADCamp to talk Composer as a service (no more downtime waiting for updates), tips for getting started with a composer based workflow, DrupalCamp Fiji, and sailing the open seas.

What John Cage Can Teach Us About Hacking

This episode of Hacking Culture offers perspectives on what John Cage can teach us about hacking

Behind the Screens with Rick Manelius

Drud Tech's Rick Manelius tells us all about their Docker solution to development, Drud, the importance of getting away from the work, cycling through the Rockies, and avoiding imposter syndrome.

Building a Sustainable Model for Drupal Contrib Module Development

Matt and Mike talk with Webform 8.5.x creator Jacob Rockowitz, #D8Rules initiative member Josef Dabernig, and WordPress (and former Drupal) developer Chris Wiegman.

Behind the Screens with Esther Lee

Esther Lee has been owning HR at Lullabot for more than 7 years! That's long enough to create your own job title. Esther talks distributed HR and what it means to put the Human in Human Resources.

Behind the Screens with Kris Vanderwater

Acquia's Developer Evangelist, Kris Vanderwater, fills us in on blocks and layouts in Drupal Core, why you should be using Panelizer, and how he prefers his family on the rocks.

Behind the Screens with Mateu Aguiló Bosch

Lullabot Senior Developer, Mateu Aguiló Bosch, sits down to talk decoupled architecture, getting started in Drupal, and his favorite place to visit outside of his island paradise of Mallorca.

Behind the Screens with Shannon O'Malley

Kalamuna's Senior Communications Strategist, Shannon O'Malley, dishes on that sweet donation wall at @BADCamp, and how she transitioned from corporate advertising to open source evangelist.

Behind the Screens with Greg Dunlap

Greg Dunlap explains what a Senior Digital Strategist does; the challenges of creating standard, customizable layouts; and explains how pinball might fill the void in his heart if YouTube went away.

Behind the Screens with Greg Anderson

Open Source Contributor for Pantheon, Greg Anderson, takes us through Drush 9 and what that means for your existing plugins, as well as tips for rescuing your family from the internet.

Behind the Screens with Jen Witkowski

Jen takes us behind the scenes of the This Old House redesign, why navigation excites her, and how Wordpress led her into UX design.

Behind the Screens with Mike Anello

Mike Anello tells us what he's learned after 8 years of the DrupalEasy podcast, the value of community training, and how he relaxes away from the screen.

Behind the Screens Halloween Special

Members of the community share their scariest moments in the industry and the things that keep them up at night.

Behind the Screens with Adam Bergstein

Adam Bergstein of CivicActions dishes about their acquisition of the DKAN project and the state of the open data community. If the internet goes down, keep an eye out for Nerdstein's Cafe and Brewery!