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Behind the Screens with Jeff Vargas

Senior Director of Technology for USA and Syfy, Jeff Vargas talks managing two high-traffic TV brands, how NBCUniversal has adopted Drupal as its go-to CMS, and what the heck is a library card?

Behind the Screens with Nicolas Grekas

Drupal relies on Symfony, and Symfony relies on Nicolas Grekas. Nicolas takes us behind the scenes of the project, tells us how Drupal and Symfony work together, and explains why he loves DrupalCon.

Mike Hodnick on Live Coding with TidalCycles

In this episode, Matthew Tift talks with Mike Hodnick (aka Kindohm) about live coding, TidalCycles, performing with other live coders, creating new sounds, and much more

Behind the Screens with Elli Ludwigson

Elli Ludwigson fills us in on how a DrupalCon sprint day comes together and how you can participate, either as a mentor, sprinter, or planner. And, always put up some flowers to appease the neighbors.

Behind the Screens with Joshua Solomon

Lingotek's Director of Integrations, Joshua Solomon, tells us how Lingotek can translate your site into any language using real people, how to get it running in Drupal 8, plus bees and chickens.

Behind the Screens with Bikino Ildephonse

Bikino Ildephonse came to DrupalCon Nashville to soak up as much Drupal knowledge as possible to take back to his community in Rwanda, from translating to Kinyarwanda to running Drupal 8 locally.

Behind the Screens with Agustin Casiva and Marcos Ibañez

Marcos and Agustin from 42Mate discuss how a small Argentinian company got a booth at DrupalCon, what Drupal can learn from other tech communities and vice versa, plus motorcycles and fish.

Behind the Screens with Nick Switzer

Elevated Third's Director of Development, Nick Switzer, talks transitioning from coding to conversation, why you should support your local Drupal camp, and his lost career as a smoke jumper.

Not your grandparent’s Drupal, with Angie “Webchick” Byron

Mike and Matt talk with Angie "Webchick" Byron on what she's been up to, various Drupal initiatives, and what Drupal needs to do to succeed.

Behind the Screens with Trasi Judd

Four Kitchens' Director of Support & Continuous Improvement Trasi Judd breaks down the support side of web development, how she manages her team and clients, why Drupal, and her passion for painting.

Behind the Screens with Aaron Campbell

We caught up with Wordpress Security Team Lead Aaron Campbell at DrupalCon Nashville to learn about the Open Web Lounge, what's happening with Wordpress Security, and how these communities get along.

Workspace in Drupal Core

Matt and Mike talk with Andrei Mateescu and Tim Millwood about Workspace, what it is, and including it in Drupal core.

Behind the Screens with Jesús Manuel Olivas

WeKnow's Head of Products, @jmolivas, takes a few minutes to tell about the technologies his distributed company uses, the current state of Drupal Console, and the latest in Drupal Latin America.

Behind the Screens with Michael Miles

Senior Technical Solutions Manager at Genuine and Developing Up podcast host, Mike Miles tells us how websites are like sandcastles, how he's brought that strategy to his team, and spice racks.

Behind the Screens with Jeffrey McGuire

Jeffrey A. "Jam" McGuire describes how he's blending open source with business in his new company, the history of the DrupalCon Prenote, why he's keynoting a Joomla conference, and French horns.

The Blue Drop Matrix

This episode discusses DrupalCon Nashville, the movie The Matrix, and various ways to understand the Drupal community