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We’re so excited to share about a program that we've been participating in at Lullabot – Healthy Minds @Work. This is a science-based app and program shown to help strengthen your well-being skills. The Healthy Minds program was built by neuroscientists and is designed to teach and measure skills associated with emotional well-being using meditation and other contemplative practices.

A group of Bots discusses the program and the 30-Day Challenge that's been going on inside Lullabot.


Episode Guests

Kris Konrady

Kris Konrady wearing glasses and wearing a black button down shirt in front of a gray background.

Kris loves to use her creativity to resolve not technical challenges, but human ones.

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Matthew Tift

Matthew Tift wearing a red button down shirt in front of a gray background.

Lead engineer, yoga teacher, and free software activist

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Marissa Epstein

Marissa Epstein is a woman in her mid-30s with long brown hair shaved on one side, wearing a purple and black blouse, purple cat-eye glasses, a silver necklace, and a smirk.

Senior User Experience Strategist at Lullabot. Marissa loves design research, organization, psychology tidbits, and snooty food.

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Juampy NR

Juampy NR wearing a blue button down shirt standing in front of a gray background.

Loves optimizing development workflows. Publishes articles, books, and code.

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Aubrey Sambor

Headshot of Aubrey Sambor

Aubrey is a front-end developer who loves creating accessible websites using clean and modern CSS. She regularly attends Drupal events and enjoys contributing to the community.

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