Lullabot Project Manager Roundtable

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Matt & Mike sit around with several Lullabot project managers, and talks about the ins, outs, and hows of PMing.

Episode Guests

Jessica Mokrzecki


Jessica is a former Senior Technical Project Manager at Lullabot.

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Darren Petersen

Darren Petersen wearing a blue button down shirt with white polka dots in front of a gray background

Director of Projects with expertise in enterprise-level Drupal projects.

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Sean Lange

Sean Lange wearing a teal polo shirt in front of a gray background.

Sean manages the front-end team at Lullabot. He lives in San Diego and visits Disney World just slightly more frequently than a person should.

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Adrian Young


A self-taught developer, Adrian is interested in the craft of code and its intersection with other creative pursuits. He loves to build, fix and learn.

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