Matt & Mike sit around with several Lullabot project managers, and talks about the ins, outs, and hows of PMing.

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This Episode's Guests

Jessica Mokrzecki

Jessica is a former Senior Technical Project Manager at Lullabot.

Darren Petersen

Technical project manager with years of experience on enterprise-level Drupal projects, Darren also plays a mean saxophone.

Sean Lange

Sean Lange
Sean manages the front-end team at Lullabot. He lives in San Diego and visits Disney World just slightly more frequently than a person should.

Adrian Young

A self-taught developer, Adrian is interested in the craft of code and its intersection with other creative pursuits. He loves to build, fix and learn.

About host Matt Kleve

Portrait of Matt Kleve
Matt Kleve has been a Drupal developer since 2007. His previous work in the media sparks a desire to create lean, easy to use workflow processes.

About host Mike Herchel

Front-end Developer, community organizer, Drupal lover, and astronomy enthusiast